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Friday, 08 January 2010 02:48

Wall Street and Technology: Middleware Vendors Hold the Key to Integration Strategies

This article provides a brief synopsis of the state of middleware in the financial services industry. It defines middleware as 'synonymous' with EAI (enterprise application integration), stating it as vital to achieving STP or achieving T+1 (1-day) settlement.

The article then proceeds to discuss estimated spending in order to bring the financial services industry in line with T+1 settlement. It goes further to describe middleware as the layer that enables the front office and client applications to communicate with the back office and data. It does the hard work of translating messages between the 2 end points.

The article states that there are 4 categories of middleware:

  1. Messaging middleware (MM) - contains the transport layer for connecting applications and carrying messages.
  2. Object request brokers (ORB) - manage the interaction between distributed-software components across the network, connecting customers and accounts to transactions.
  3. Remote procedure calls (RPC) - operates through requests and replies and will block sending information until it receives the appropriate reply
  4. Transaction processing monitors. (TPM) - facilitate process and transaction management and client-server management.

It discusses the impediments to achieving T+1, stating that middleware can be used to overcome these impediments. It briefly mentions that in looking for a middleware vendor, open standards ar vital, for interoperability, protection of investment and having a wide talent pool. Vendors providing end-to-end capapbility & longevity should also be considered.
The article concludes by listing 10 vendors it considers to be key to providing middleware applications to the financial services industry.

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